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Legal Process for Breaking Your Apartment Lease

If you’re part of an apartment lease and you’re not willing to honor it any more then there are certain steps that you can take for legally breaking your agreement with your landlord. These steps are specified by most of the states, and the things will be more in your favor if you are facing certain issues with your current apartment in which you may be living. You can just inform your landlord about your safety or health issues with your apartment and give them sufficient time for correcting the issue, some legal ramifications may be there with which you can be able to break your lease.

Start by reviewing your lease. Most of the leases feature some provision about how you can break it. You may have to pay some specific amount as a fee or may have to meet some requirements to break the lease of your north end apartments dallas. However, the lease is still the first thing that you need to look into for getting some guidance about breaking the agreement legally.

Take a look at your state laws about landlords and tenants. Even if the criteria for breaking the lease legally are not mentioned in your lease, the state law might have something specific which can provide you with grounds that you are searching. Typically, they include the circumstances which have their impact on the tenant’s safety or health. These laws also mention the way tenants will be required to inform their landlord about the issue as well as the time that must be given to landlord for correcting this issue.

You will have to send the letter to your landlord and notify him about the problem that you may be facing and request him to address the issue immediately. It should also be specified in this letter that if the landlord will not address the issue and get rid of the problem then you will have the right of breaking the lease for your rental apartment according to applicable provision from law of the state.

The landlord should be given another notice complaining about the issue and clarifying your intentions about termination of the lease in case if problem isn’t corrected. For both the notices that you will be sending to your landlord, it has to be ensured that a certified mail service is used by you for this purpose.

Once you have provided two notices to your landlord, you should now wait for required time period as specified by your state law. After this time period is elapsed and the landlord has not yet addressed the issue for you, you may have all the legal rights for breaking the lease. It may also be an option for you to find some advice of a lawyer to clarify the laws applicable in your state pertaining to the issue you are facing and then act according to that.