Do Landlords Have The Right Of Showing Property To Prospective Tenants In Presence Of A Tenant?

Unless it is particularly prohibited by the apartment lease to show the apartment to somebody else in the presence of a current tenant, the landlord may not have any other restriction on showing the property to any prospective tenants. It is the right of the landlords to run the business. Similarly, peace and quietness is the right of the tenants, but not by compromising the regular business operation.

In most of the states, 24-48 hours prior notice is required to be given to the tenants before the landlord can bring any prospective tenants to show them the apartments for rent. In some states, a term “advance” or “reasonable” notice is employed, and there is no guideline that specifies an exact time requirement. Many states also limit such acts of the landlords only to the weekdays or normal business hours. So, it is obligatory for the landlords to keep these things in mind.

Rent control can be regarded as a local regulation that is intended to limit the increases in the rent prices, they often include other rules that are about tenancy as well. In some of the rent ordinances, it is specified that what kind of notice will be needed before the landlords can show north end apartments Dallas that are already occupied to their prospective tenants. In some states, for instance, five days prior written notice has to be provided by the landlord before conducting a showing. In case if a conflict arises between rent control, the lease, and the state law, the most restrictive rule is applied.

Even though it may not be the part of many leases to have something about showing the unit to potential tenants in future, it may not at all be inappropriate as well. The leases can’t be somewhat less restrictive compared to the local or state law but it can supplement the law that already exists and it will be standing alone as the enforceable in case if there aren’t any local or state laws about this.

Irrespective of what is being said by the local or state laws when it is about notification requirements that have to be followed by the landlords prior to showing the apartments Dallas that are already occupied, the landlords should not have to make any excessive visits for showing the apartments to prospective tenants. If such a situation arises, tenants can have the right of making a legitimate claim saying that landlord is not respecting his right to have “quiet enjoyment” at his home. It’s a legal term that is used most widely for ensuring that the privacy is accorded to the tenants, and there are no visits that violate the rules of running a business in property management.

So, these are some of the implications when it comes to showing units that are already occupied, and the landlords must follow these rules.